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How many steps must we learn?

Only a few. Old and young can learn the system in a very short time.


When can we start?

As soon as the adults decide to begin.


What if not all of the adults agree about using the Cooperation Counts system?

No problem. One parent can use it even if the other adults involved decide not to.


I have four kids of different ages. How can one program help us?

The program can be used for children of all ages as well as for families of all sizes and situations.


How long will it take to see an effect?

Anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. It all depends on how willing the adults are to stick with it, and it’s not that hard.


What if my child has been acting up for a long time?

This is a very usual concern. It has no bearing on the use of the system or on the outcome. The strategies work equally well for casual as well as chronic misbehavior.


How hard is this to do?

Everything you and your child are asked to do can be accomplished. The adult's job is to commit to using the process, and the child's job is to realize that the behavior choice is theirs. And remember: Any child can cooperate with ordinary requests, if she wants to.


What if the adults are having trouble with their own anger toward the children?

Cooperation Counts provides effective tools to deal with issues in a non-emotional way, whether the children decide to cooperate or not. The program provides anger management for the adults as well as for the kids.


My child has a diagnosis and just can't help himself. What then?

I encourage the adults to remember to use the tools of the system, no matter what diagnosis there might be. Of course, adult requests need to be reasonable and possible for each particular child. Parents are responsible for obtaining diagnosis and treatment information for their children’s specific needs. Encouraging all children to try their best is a very good thing. And remember that all-important difference between “I can't” and “I won't!”


What if a child reacts with increased anger in response to the system?

No problem. This is a sign that you are getting the child's attention, and it will not interfere with the desired result. Using the tools of the system leaves previously helpless, worried, and overwhelmed adults with a plan that is fair and easily put into place. The kids can be empowered as well, since they have clear opportunities to make choices. Power struggles, the age-old bug-a-boo of every parent, becomes a thing of the past.


Will it disrupt my usual routine?

It’s easy to integrate the system into everyday life. You will need only two pieces of paper, twelve seconds, and a little imagination.


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