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Six year old Jimmy refuses to stay in his own bed, coming in to his parents at various times during the night, waking both parents and causing a scene. Everyone is exhausted due to lack of sleep, from arguing, convincing, yelling, punishing, bribing, or ignoring. Cooperation Counts is presented and the following week we hear that Jimmy has been sleeping in his own room and has been tip-toeing to the bathroom and back without disturbing either parent. His parents are rested, and everyone is proud of Jimmy’s recent choices.

Billy, Betty, Bobby and Barbara

Billy, Betty, Bobby and Barbara (ages four to eleven) fight constantly at home. Whenever they visit their friends’ homes, they are suddenly model children. Their parents are beside themselves with frustration and have no idea what else they could possibly do. Their marriage is showing signs of strain. The Cooperation Counts system is put into place and the fighting stops.



Three-year-old Suzy has been intentionally urinating and defecating on the floor, refusing to use the toilet in direct and open defiance of all requests, although she has been fully potty trained. Cooperation Counts is put into place, and the very same day she voluntarily uses the bathroom. Months later, there are still no difficulties.



Thirteen-year-old Minnie is rude, refuses to help around the house, and is doing poorly in school. She tells everyone that she hates herself and can’t stand her parents and teachers. She has several good friends and many supports, but she continues to underachieve at school and makes life miserable at home. The Cooperation Counts system is introduced, and within a few weeks, she decides to talk in respectful tones, gets after school help, and has even been seen laughing with her parents.



Our four and a half year old son was inattentive, a bit violent, and basically ruled our house. So we scheduled a consultation with our pediatrician and he recommended Jean Hamburg, an experienced Psychotherapist. She arrived for our first home visit, and presented us with this simple system of star choices, sad 3's, work off's, counting clues, and quick time outs. Our first thoughts were " No way this will work, it's silly!" Well, if you are enthusiastic, as she coaches you to be, it works, but you have to follow through and keep it up. It helps us to avoid conflict, and we have a much calmer home. Now we have much more enjoyable outings as a family. He doesn't always listen, but it's his decision, and we go with it. He actually enjoys getting "star choices" and hates "sad 3's" and he understands it at almost 5 years old. It's also helping him to have less tantrums too. Still a work in progress, but thanks to this system.....everything is hopeful.   - Parents from Beverly, Mass



Cooperation Counts saved my sanity!! Before incorporating the Cooperation Counts program into our lives there was lots of frustration for me as a parent. Timeouts resulted in power struggles that proved ineffective! There was a lot of persistent, bad behavior from my three children and lots of talking and idle threats from me as a parent. I love that the Cooperation Counts program utilizes star charts and sad three charts. It is a visual way for my children to see that they have done something positive as well as seeing behavior that they need to be accountable for. The kids are still excited to earn their ten stars even after almost two years of doing the program. It is exciting for them to hear what they did to earn their "special something." I like that you don't have to be the perfect person utilizing this program.. If you fall off the wagon and don't record for a few days, it is okay. Just go back and record what you remember.. If you don't stick to the script at one time or another, it is also okay. You can give yourself a "re-do" when you have seen the error of your ways. Lastly I love the Cooperation Counts program, because when you incorporate counting clues as result of bad behavior it involves few words.. Before the program I would "stew" over bad behavior and go on and on about a situation. My 10 year old daughter would whine about something and I in response would feed right into it. No more!! Now it's, "All done with the whining." That's one, that's two, that's three.. Problem solved and sanity saved! Thank you Jean Hamburg!!
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